How to get ACs?

There are many ways on how to get ACs or AdventureCoins. I will enumerate all of them one by one respectively. So there are actually five ways on how to get ACs or AdventureCoins.

1. Ballyhoo (/join ballyhoo)
-He is the master of promotion and hoopla
-When you typed /join ballyhoo, click the exclamation point over him and try to read his details about the said promos. Read carefully before doing a click!

 -After reading his exciting phrases, click the button below which is the "View Ad" button. When you click this button, either one or three ads will appear.

-Click which ad you like to read and view. This will open a new tab in your browser.

-After seeing the new tab, go back to the page where you viewed it. Wait for five to ten seconds of waiting and you will see a button above, "Click here to return to AQWorlds". Click it.

-After clicking, master Ballyhoo will again say a jolly phrase and you will see a button below, "Get Reward". You will either get golds, special offer items, or what you have been waiting for, ACs. (5 or 10 ACs)

2. Exclusive AQWorlds Contests
-Contests are uphold by moderators during a special event like Christmas and Halloween, or like things we need to draw, carve, bake! To be updated by these contests, see the "Design Notes" on the main homepage or go to the link below to see various contests:
-Big prizes like up to 5000 ACs can be won over joining these contests! So stay put and be updated always!

3. AExtras
-AExtras is a way of getting ACs but you take specific things like filling up an offer, playing a game, downloading something and lastly purchasing online.
-You must be over above 18 before reading this kind of method of how to get ACs. Ask your parents first.
-Go to this like: and log in to your account.

-After logging in, you will see recently two kinds of systems. SuperRewards and Matomy.
-You must be fast upon taking these offers, because they are limited due to there are only a number of items/offers available and imagine over across the globe many teens are playing this game.
-So below is Matomy. Recently these are the offers,

-This is SuperRewards.
-Remember, always refresh your browser and clear your cache to be updated tho these. Clicking (Get Help for SuperRewards and Offer status for Matomy) will see your status if you completed either their available offers.

4. BattleonOn Games
-This kind of way of getting ACs is the best if you will ask me. Go to the link: So you will be directed to the homepage. Try to register if you have no account yet, and log in if you have.

-This method is more of like a point-age system. It has many systems unlike AExtras. It has SuperRewards and Matomy also adding OfferPal, Peanut Labs, GameCoins, TokenAds and SuperSonic.
-When you completed an offer, instead of ACs, you will get battleon points which as a certain equivalent to ACs when you convert them. (See and try to discover the website more often)

-Well, lastly to know if you have gained some points, See your mail and there you have it!

 5. Battle Bar
-Go to this link:
-Battle Bar is a bar where you search and up to 3ACs you can get per word search day.
-To download this bar, log in to your account.

-Click the link:
-It will lead you to where downloading process comes.

-Click Download Toolbar and wait for it for about 10 minutes or more.

6. Buy ACs with real money
-In this case, you will buy your ACs with your own bare hands money. Specifically dollars is used to buy them. To buy, click the link:
-You can also get free ACs when you buy memebrship!